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Welcome to Christ Church!

Thank you for visiting our website. As you will discover both on this site and in person, Christ Church is a congregation rich with people, worship, and a variety of ministries.  Our hallmarks of being a faithful Christian community embrace aspects of being a welcoming and inclusive parish, serving the needs of others around us near and far, living within the theology and traditions of the Episcopal Church, being mindful stewards of our God given resources, gifts, and talents, and nurturing one another’s faith and providing for its continued development.


We worship as a community on Sunday's at 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, sometimes called Holy Community the Devine Liturgy, or the Mass. We worship at other times too, offering Holy Day services, quarterly Evensong liturgies, and other special services from time to time. Music is an integral part of our worship, as is the participation of the congregation.

Being one of only two churches still worshiping in original buildings in the Sixteen Squares that comprise historic downtown Blacksburg, Christ Church exists to serve God and people in our world with deep roots to our Anglican tradition and past, to embodying Christ's love in the present, and always striving to become more and more the people of God as the future unfolds.

We have a deep commitment to minister in the name of Christ to those in need, to those seeking God's presence in their lives, to the students, faculty, and administration at Virginia Tech, and to those who live out their Christian faith as Episcopalians.

If you find yourself pondering some of life's bigger questions, or perhaps you're looking for a place where you can engage your mind, heart, and soul while seeking a relationship with God and others, Christ Church invites you and welcomes you to become a part of this portion of the Body of Christ.

- The Very Rev. Scott A. West, Rector

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