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Bank Bill Pay Giving

For your convenience you may set up recurring payments automatically through your bank's bill pay option. Automatic Bank Bill Pay, sometimes called Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), is set up directly with your banking institution; most banks offer this as a free service to their customers and may be accessed on the bank's website. This payment method allows you to set up an automatic draft withdrawal from your checking account without having to write or mail checks.

How to Set up Automatic Bank Bill Pay

To set up an automatic bank bill pay contact your banking institution directly; logging on to the bank website is convenient but a phone call or visit to the bank may also be an option. They will provide step-by-step instructions.

Your bank will most likely require some or all of the following information:

Name: Christ Episcopal Church
Address: P.O. Box 164, Blacksburg, VA 24063-0164
Phone Number: 540-552-2411
Account Number: no account information is required

You can set up a one time payment in an amount of your choosing or set up recurring payments. You choose the frequency of payments and when during the month the payments are made. Most banks send email reminders. Payments can be changed or stopped at any time.

You can establish automatic bill pay to send funds to the church even if you haven't made a pledge for the year. However, if you are establishing automatic bill pay to fund your annual pledge, please let the church office/receipts treasurer know. At the appropriate time the bank will forward the payment to the Church, either electronically or via paper check. If you have questions please contact us.

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